Best WoW Leveling Addons for BFA

The Best WoW Leveling Addons for BFA

Zygor's Leveling AddonZygor 1-120 Leveling Addon
Zygor Guides is the most popular and, in our opinion, the best WoW leveling addon that will show you how to solo level any class and race to 120 FAST. With Zygor’s leveling addon, you get a waypoint arrow that shows you where to go and exactly what to do all the time, whether you should accept a quest, kill some mobs, use an item, turn in a quest, or anything else. Before you know it, you’ll be 120. They’ve been around since 2005, and have only gotten better. Support is outstanding, and so is the addon itself and the leveling path to 120. They’re always quick to release updates ahead of patches and expansions, so you’ll always have the guidance that you need.

Azeroth Auto Pilot
Azeroth Auto Pilot is a free leveling addon that guides you through levels 110-120 step-by-step. It tells you where to pick up quests, do them, and turn them in. There’s also a waypoint arrow that helps you to know which direction to go. It can also do other things like automatically pick up quests and turn them in, skip cinematic scenes (useful if you’re leveling an alt and have already seen them), and bind keys to quest items. Quite useful if you ask me, and you really can’t beat the price since it’s free.

LightHeaded is a free addon that helps you level faster by showing you quest information and comments from right inside the game. As we all know, helpful people have posted comments on WoWHead for almost any quest in the game. However, using alt+tab to switch out of WoW to read wowhead comments is tedious to say the least. But now you can get a clear understanding of how to solve any quest without going to any external website. Very convenient. You can even use LightHeaded with TomTom, which is a waypoint arrow. That way, you can pull coordinates from wowhead and get TomTom to show you the direction to go.

TomTom is a navigational addon that shows you an arrow to various locations that you can specify. For example, if you know the coordinates of where you want to go, you can tell TomTom to guide you there with an arrow. It can also guide you to your corpse if you have died and, perhaps the most useful feature of all, it can show you where to go for your closest quest objective. It works very well with LightHeaded; in fact, the author of both addons is the same person. If you take some time to configure that combo, it can be very useful.

Booster Leveling AddonBooster Leveling Addon
Booster is another premium leveling addon that, just like Zygor’s, will give you an arrow and instructions right inside the game that show you how to level your character to 120 as fast as possible. Booster has been around for almost 10 years, and is always updated for every expansion pack. Apart from the easy-to-use addon itself, and the streamlined questing path, it’s far cheaper than other paid addons, and you even get lifetime upgrades – even for new expansions! This addon will definitely speed up your leveling in WoW, and it’s also updated for BFA, of course. If you need something simple and effective to level your character faster, definitely check it out.